It’s all about comfort.

When the temperatures climb above the upper 70’s we all appreciate a well maintained central air conditioning system. When it hits the 90’s we can’t imagine what we would do without it! Let M&M repair your AC system or replace it.

The cooling experts at M&M Heating and Cooling will make sure your system is running at its peak efficiency. Should you need a new air conditioning system, there are several things that should be considered:

  1. Type of AC Unit
  2. Efficiency Rating
  3. Reliability
  4. Warranty

You can depend on M&M Heating and Cooling, Inc. to do an analysis of your specific heating and cooling needs and make an experienced recommendation that we will stand behind for years to come. We only recommend the top brands with manufacturer warranties and the best quality you can find.

Do you have a AC unit that isn’t properly cooling your home? We specialize in repairs as well. Call us…you’ll feel comfortable you did.

Types of Air Conditioning System

There are three common types of air conditioning systems that people use to cool their homes and buildings.

  1. Central Air – central air is a forced air cooling system that positions the cooling unit outside at the back or side of the house. Occasionally, you may also see them on rooftops. These air conditioning systems take the hot air from inside the home and convert it into cool air using refrigerant liquid. The rest of the heated air is pushed outside. The cool air is then dispersed throughout the home or building much like that of a forced air furnace using ducts and vents.
  2. Dustless Air – these systems are very popular with homes or businesses that do not have ductwork installed to transport the cooled air. The major advantage of this type of air conditioning is that they can effectively cool a room, an area or an entire home without major reconstruction which would be required with a traditional system.
  3. Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning System – Geothermal uses 55 degree water from the earth to provide cooling to your home at a very low cost.

M&M Heating and Cooling services ALL types of Air Conditioning Systems

The experts at M&M Heating & Cooling can service or install virtually any brand or type of air conditioner.

M&M Heating & Cooling offers financing with approved credit on new residential installations.